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Hampton Feed Lot, Inc is a beef cattle finishing operation that is located in northern Missouri where feed resources and markets can be found in abundance. Outstanding packer access and solid relationships with buyers assure you receive top dollar for your cattle.  The feedlot is designed with outside lots, open front building concrete lots, slatted floors, and excellent handling facilities.  Pen maintenance is a priority at Hampton, and pens are regularly scraped.  In the winter this provides a smooth walking surface for your cattle and insures top performance.  In the summer it provides a level of fly control superior to insecticide applications.  Each animal will receive personal attention, because that's the way it should be.  The pens are checked several times a day.

Why Hampton Feedlot? Because you should keep your cattle local instead of letting them go to distant  feedlots. Less travel time will be less stressful for them. When you feed with us you will know exactly that is going on with your cattle: we like to feed local and you will too.  Being local you have the freedom to stop in and see the progress your cattle are making as well as get to know those friendly faces.

The original stockholders have sons that are now present stockholders and place their own cattle in the feedlot facility.  They take an active interest in the day to day operations. The management at Hampton has a lot to bring to the table, with the knowledge of experience, an understanding of what needs to be done, and the know-how to do it.  You will know this is the team you want working for you!

Hampton  Feedlot  is  conveniently  located  near  many  by-product

suppliers making their corn silage, by-product diets more price competitive and efficient.  Hampton Feed Lot can background and finish your cattle. Assistance with forward contracting and risk management is available. Customers receive accurate projections and regular updates.

Cattle Manager, Colton Kocher joined our staff in 2015 bringing his experience in caring for cattle from Kansas feed yards where he  oversaw  14,000  head  of  cattle .

Independent Nutrition specialist Dan Arndt is consulted on a regular basis to formulate rations providing the most efficient feeding program available.  Originally from Illinois, Dan received his Master's degree from the Univ. of Illinois and his PhD. from Texas Tech Univ.He has been consulting with feed yards for over 30 years.

Hampton's Expertise, cattle feeding knowledge, excellent facilities and location, along with their desire to do the best job possible for every customer, all add up to a unique feedlot; "It's what you want".