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The IBR  is not right for every livestock producer presently

  • AD is not economical just from selling electricity at most US rates
  • The reason to develop anaerobic technology is to help with environmental concerns.
  • The IBR and other AD systems handle environmental concerns

Other reasons to be excited about use of the IBR in AD systems
_ Large CAFO’s                                       _ Sell carbon credits
_ Sell conditioned gas                          _ Sell solid residue
Ongoing research

  1. Biogas conditioning    
  2. Nutrient removal    
  3. Solar bioreactor

Biogas conditioning
_  Economical small scale
removal of:        • H2S        • CO2        • Water        • ??
One example is to use conditioned biogas for vehicle fuel

  • Use vehicle modified to burn natural gas
  • Compress biogas

The Induced Blanket Reactor (IBR) Anaerobic Digester

One of the technologies developed at the Center for Profitable Uses of Agricultural Byproducts (CPUAB) is the induced blanket reactor (IBR), high rate, anaerobic digester.

IBR consists of:

  • Above ground tanks with associated pumps, valves, piping, gas collection system, and controls, sometimes placed in a well insulated building.
  • Electrical generation equipment may be added.

The induced blanket reactor (IBR) is a type of anaerobic digester.  It breaks down organic matter and produces methane gas.

Electricity can be made from manure using the anaerobic (IBR) technology.

Criteria for the IBR:

  • Relatively short hydraulic retention time (HRT)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Sand is easily handled
  • Easily accommodates most off farm substrates
  • Modular-easily expandable
  • Often system will include more than Anaerobic Digestion
Key Evaluation criteria for IBR, in-vessel, high rate, anaerobic digester
Criteria:                             Target                   Actual                   Industry
Retention Time               2-6 days              3-5 days               20+ days
Volatile Solids                  55%                     ~45-50%              40%-50%
Methane %                      80%                      70%                      45%-60%
Gas Quantity                   6 ft3/ft3•d          4-6 ft3/ft3•d      ~1 ft3/ft3•d
(ft3/ft3•d digester)