Hampton Feed Lot in the process of installing Anaerobic Digestor tanks.

Hampton Feed Lot conducted a feasibility study and determined that adding value to the manure product and contributing to the emerging  energy  product  market  by  employing  an  anaerobic

manure digestion system to generate bio-gas to fuel would be a positive impact.  The engine generator would be utilized for their own use and to sell excess electricity to  the local KCP&L utility. Additional project components included removing the lignin and digestive waters to sell material as a fertilizer with soil amending properties .   HAEP pursued a grant to build a business plan, marketing plan, and engineering needed to develop the project. 

Hampton Alternative Energy Products, L.L.C. (HAEP) is a legal Missouri Limited Liability Corporatation and is a subsidiary of Hampton Feed Lot, Inc. comprised of three of the same shareholders as Hampton Feed Lot, Inc. The feedlot currently has five shareholders, and functions as the board with each member having voting rights.  The corporation has been certified to be in Good Standing in the State of Missouri and will use business and marketing plans to develop a previously untapped market.

Hampton Feed Lot, Inc was formed March 8, 1972 in the State of Missouri for the primary purpose of custom feeding cattle owned by third parties.  The lot was purchased from J. P. Hampton with the capacity for feeding approximately 2,000 head of cattle of which 600 head was on open concrete pens and the rest were open dirt pens.

Two new confinement barns were built in 1973 raising the capacity to about 3900 head of cattle.  The 3900 included 1150 head on slatted floors and an additional 750 head on new outside dirt pens.  During 1977 six more dirt pens were built increasing capacity to over 4500 head.  During 1978 a complete new feed mill was built and put into use.  Included were storage bins and a roller mill.  The lot currently has over 100,000 bushel grain bin capacity.

In July 1995 two more (1150 total capacity) confinement barns were built raising the permitted capacity at Hampton Feed Lot to 5490 head.  The lot corporation started with 22 shareholders, all of whom were younger people with an interest in cattle feeding.  Over time people have retired, passed away and for other reasons wanted to sell out.  The corporation has first right to buy out these shares when they come up for sale.  At present time Hampton Feed Lot has five shareholders.

In December 2009, the members of the Hampton Feed Lot organized Hampton Alternative Energy Products, LLC as an"eligible new generation processing entity" as defined under Section 348.432.1(4) of the Revised Statutes of Missouri, in order to build, operate and own a development facility and a renewable fuel production facility for its producer members, consisting primarily of the members of the Hampton Feed Lot.  The organization accomplished this by capitalizing on the available grants and funding.

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